Saturday, October 16, 2010

2011 Preliminary Rankings - October 18th

As of now here's what I have for my preseason power rankings. These could easily change as there is often a lot of off-season activity with teams losing and gaining players or other news. Despite having 4 months until the season really kicks off, I feel there is always something to discuss. A lot more effort and preparation is going into the season previews too. I'll be posting a lot of tweets as well.

1. Amherst
2. Emory
3. CMS
4. Trinity (TX)
5. Middlebury
6. Wash U
7. Williams
8. UC Santa Cruz
9. Johns Hopkins
10. NC Wesleyan
11. Cal Lutheran
12. Carnegie Mellon
13. Chicago
14. Bowdoin
15. Kenyon
16. Redlands
17. DePauw
18. Whitman
19. Pomona-Pitzer
20. MIT
21. Mary Washington
22. Brandeis
23. Trinity (CT)
24. Christopher Newport
25. Washington & Lee

Just missed the cut: Denison, Skidmore, Carleton, UT-Tyler, Vassar, Kalamazoo, Bates