Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chicago Steals 2 Wins

Chicago d. Case Western 6-3
Chicago d. Whitewater 5-3

No offense to their opponents, but Chicago completely out-classes both of them when it comes to talent. If they really are a top 10 team, they should be crushing teams like this. They pulled out a 9-8 in doubles and a 7-6 in the 3rd to beat Case, so the reality was that they were a few points away from losing. This Case team is solid and they fight hard, but they are nowhere near Chicago. The Maroons will not make NCAAs for a 6th consecutive year if they keep playing like this. The Whitewater match was a similar story, but it was a more comfortable win. UWW is a ranked team by the ITA, but in my opinion probably shouldn't be. What we know for sure is Chicago has a huge test Friday night playing at Kenyon. If they continue to play like they've been playing, they will lose. They've been sneaking by inferior teams. Will they step up when they need to?