Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Match Preview: #4 Washington Univ. vs. #17 Univ. of Chicago (March 1)

This UAA battle should be an interesting match, particularly in the top and middle of the lineup as well as at 2 and 3 doubles. Wash U should prove to have too much firepower, but there is no reason Chicago can't squeak out 3 points. Watts and Cutler should win with a struggle at the top for the Bears, but Chicago should be very competitive at 3, 4, 5. Saltarelli had a win over Hoeland last season and that should be the matchup at 5. Wash U will be too much at 1 doubles, but 2 and 3 doubles could go Chicago's way if they are playing well. Wash U should win this fairly comfortably, but look for some competitive matches.

Probable Starters:
1. #3 Cutler/Hoeland (WU) vs. Brinker/Saltarelli (UC)
2. Watts/Stein (WU) vs. Zhang/Bakhutashvili (UC)
3. Woods/Choradia (WU) vs. Bonner/Sithian (UC)

1. #1 John Watts (WU) vs. #34 William Zhang (UC)
2. #22 Charlie Cutler (WU) vs. #45 Lado Bakhutashvili (UC)
3. Danny Levy (WU) vs. Tim Walsh (UC)
4. Max Woods (WU) vs. Garrett Brinker (UC)
5. Chris Hoeland (WU) vs. Steve Saltarelli (UC)
6. Isaac Stein (WU) vs. Mark Bonner (UC)