Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rankings, Wednesday Feb 27th, Team/Singles/Doubles

National Team Rankings
1. Gustavus Adolphus - A very impressive showing at the national indoors. Their doubles looks almost untouchable at the moment.
2. UC Santa Cruz - Granted they were missing Pybas, but still a good performance at the indoors, beating a tough Wash U team.
3. CMS - They decided to avoid the indoors, and they will have several big tests in the upcoming weeks. Starr is back again which good news for the Stags.
4. Wash U - A great win over Emory, but I'm sure it was a dissapointment to not win the Indoors. They won't really be tested for a while.
5. Emory - Their first loss to Wash U in a long time, but they were missing Lopp. They need to improve in doubles to win against top 5 teams.
6. Middlebury - They haven't started their season.
7. Williams - They haven't started their season.
8. Trinity (TX) - A solid 5th place showing at Indoors. They have some great doubles teams but need to step it up in singles against good teams.
9. Mary Washington - A good 1-2 punch and a good win over DePauw at Indoors. They are a very dangerous team if the bottom of their singles lineup is playing well.
10 Bowdoin - Haven't started their season yet.
11. Kenyon - Maybe the most impressive results of any team in the country so far. They will be tested in Cali. An 8-1 win over a very deep Carnegie team is remarkable.
12. DePauw - A dissapointing 7th place with their #4 seed. They need to step it up in singles and doubles to win the conference and get back in the top 8 in the country.
13. Johns Hopkins - An 8th place finish for an overmatched team. They are not deep enough to compete with the best in the country.
14. Redlands - A good win over Washington & Lee. They will be tested in the upcoming weeks. Very good doubles.
15. Carnegie Mellon - A good team who just needs to get it together. They can compete with the best, but they haven't shown it yet.
16. Amherst - Haven't started their season yet.
17. Chicago - A solid showing against Kenyon, but they don't have the players to compete with a top 10 team.
18. Christopher Newport - A very underrated team. They are deep and have solid players at the top, they could be dangerous for some Mid-Atlantic teams.
19. Kalamazoo - Maybe Coach Riley can recruit some superstars, but for right now they just aren't what they used to be.
20. Whitman - Took a big hit this year with loss of seniors. They are very good, but not when they leave the Pacific Northwest.
21. Washington & Lee - A dissapointing start to the season for the Generals. They need to rebound quickly if they want to contend, especially in doubles.
22. UW-Whitewater - A very good team that is underrated. They could make some noise and people may notice them if they give Gustavus a hard time.
23. Denison - A good Midwest team, but this year they are overmatched against their rivals Kenyon.
24. TCNJ - Haven't been tested yet, but they are not bad.
25. Trinity (CT) - Haven't started their season yet

National Singles Rankings
1. Watts, Wash U
2. Bryan, Gustavus
3. Greenberg, Kenyon
4. Kamel, UCSC
5. Wang, CMS
6. Greenberg, Williams
7. Lim, CMS
8. Maldow, Hopkins
9. James, UMW
10. Starr, CMS
11. Pybas, UCSC
12. Lerner, Amherst
13. Loden, UMW
14. Pelton, Hope
15. Kauss, Gustavus
16. Olson, Middlebury
17. Keith, DePauw
18. Boren, Emory
19. Gaines, Trinity (TX)
20. Ortiz, UCSC
21. Furr, Trinity (TX)
22. Cutler, Wash U
23. Heck, DePauw
24. Goodwin, Emory
25. Gates, Bowdoin
26. Feldman, Trinity (CT)
27. Klimchak, TCNJ
28. Bielawski, Wabash
29. Fletcher, Methodist
30. Mark-Griffin, UCSC
31. Nemerov, CMU
32. Marinkovic, Middlebury
33. Yook, Chapman
34. Zhang, Chicago
35. Wagar, Redlands
36. Polster, Kenyon
37. Borg, UW-Whitewater
38. Phillips, UT-Tyler
39. Lopp, Emory
40. Burdakin, Gustavus
41. Vayghan, St. Thomas
42. Stein, Bates
43. Sutton, Greensboro
44. Ross, Washington & Lee
45. Bakhutashvili, Chicago
46. Muliawan, CMU
47. Dunn, Mississippi
48. Liebman, Redlands
49. Tilton, Calvin
50. Solomon, Whitman

National Doubles
1. Marinkovic/Thomson, Middlebury
2. Kamel/Vartabedian, UCSC
3. Cutler/Hoeland, Wash U
4. Bryan/Paukert, Gustavus
5. Goodwin/Lopp, Emory
6. Cocanougher/Kowal, Trinity (TX)
7. Greenberg/Polster, Kenyon
8. Wang/Schils, CMS
9. Burdakin/Kauss, Gustavus
10. Pybas/Ortiz. UCSC
11. Buxbaum/Kinrade, Haverford
12. Keith/Swanson, DePauw
13. Lebedoff/Simonette, Williams
14. Gaines/Desantis, Trinity (TX)
15. Loden/Murata, UMW
16. Glidewell/Mook, CNU
17. Stein/Rupasinghe, Bates
18. Wagar/Cook, Redlands
19. Gates/Sullivan/ Bowdoin
20. Goff/Parrish, UMW
21. Borg/Lowe, UW-Whitewater
22. Furr/Tran, Trinity (TX)
23. Hansen/Tomasek, Gustavus
24. Ehlers/Caplan, Emory
25. Olian/Taylor, Pomona

Next Anticipated Ranking Date: March 14