Thursday, April 16, 2009

#11 Bowdoin at #7 Williams Match Preview

1. Neely/Pena vs Chaplin/Thacher
2. Sullivan/Caughron vs. Lebedoff/Petrie
3. Anderson/White vs. Weinberger/Shallcross

1. Steve Sullivan vs. Nick Lebedoff
2. Oscar Pena vs. Jeremy Weinberger
3. Tyler Anderson vs. Rick Devlin
4. Josh Cranin vs. Will Petrie
5. Alex Caughron vs. Kevin Shallcross
6. Alex White vs. Karol Furmaga

I think a lot depends on how Williams comes out. We've seen many faces of Williams so far this season, particularly in doubles. I'll start by looking at the singles. I see Bowdoin with a clear advantage at both 1 and 2 singles. I expect Williams to strike back at both 3. and 4 singles. The bottom of the lineup should produce some close matches, but I think Williams depth will prevail to give them 4 of 6 singles match. Bowdoin has looked good in doubles, I would expect them to take 2 of the spots. Williams on the other hand has been extremely inconsistent in doubles and I think it's very hard to predict how they'll come out for this match. They have the potential to sweep or get swept. I think they will come out of this match with a 5-4 win, but if Williams comes out to play it could be as bad at 7-2.