Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Salisbury at Mary Washington Preview

Scott Burtzlaff, Salisbury

Mary Washington has won 10 straight conference titles, but in all of those years I don't think they've had a season quite as poor as this one. If Salisbury is ever going to end that streak, this is their year. The Sea Gulls come in ranked #14 in the country with an extended winning streak and Mary Wash has been losing and struggling with their confidence. As of right now, they may even be out of the top 30. On paper, these teams should be even, but Salisbury just seems to be more focused and confident. This hasn't been a true "rivalry" in past years, because I think Salisbury has only won 1 time in recent memory. These teams don't like each other very much and you can throw the rankings out the window when they play tomorrow because they don't matter. If Mary Wash is going to get up to play any team this season, it's the Sea Gulls. This is the one team they have to beat to salvage their season. Tomorrow's match will determine home court advantage for the conference final which could prove to be important.

Salisbury has been tough in doubles all year and Mary Wash has been decent. The doubles are evenly matched but you have to go with Salisbury at 1, and probably 3 as well. Mary Wash will need that #2 spot to stay in the match, they can't afford to be swept. Burtzlaff should win at 1, but after that things could really go either way. Mary Wash has struggled in the middle of the lineup where they should be strong. The matches are very difficult to predict, but I think Mary Wash could have the edge at 5 and 6. 3 and 4 however look to be going to Salisbury which would be enough for them to get the win. I'm going with 5-4 for Salisbury but I don't think it will come down to the last match.