Monday, April 26, 2010

Singles & Doubles National Rankings

These are quite difficult to do but I'm going to try my hand at them because many people have asked me to do so. Obviously these are up for interpretation and everyone will have a different order for their rankings. You can email me arguments about why player A should be ahead of player B and you are probably right, but there is a reason the ITA doesn't do mid-season national rankings for individuals and that's because they are very hard to do without a computer ranking system.

1. Dillon Pottish, Emory
2. John Watts, Wash U
3. Andrew Giuffrida, CLU
4. Brian Pybas, Santa Cruz
5. Mike Greenberg, Kenyon
6. Chris Goodwin, Emory
7. Robbie Erani, CMS
8. Andrew Peters, Middlebury
9. Austin Chafetz, Amherst
10. Andrew Lee, Middlebury
11. Nick Ballou, CLU
12. Mark Kahan, Amherst
13. Mikey Lim, CMS
14. Sam Sweeney, North Central
15. Marc Vartabedian, Santa Cruz
16. Spencer Feldman, Trinity (CT)
17. Matt Solomon, Whitman
18. Steve Sullivan, Bowdoin
19. Eric Shulman, CNU
20. Max Frey, Trinity (TX)
21. Tommy Meyer, Pomona-Pitzer
22. David Maldow, Johns Hopkins
23. Hayden White, W&L
24. Antti Saari, NC Wesleyan
25. Nick Lebedoff, Williams

1. Ballou/Giuffrida, CLU
2. Pybas/Vartabedian, Santa Cruz
3. Lee/Thomson, Middlebury
4. Stein/Woods, Wash U
5. Erani/Wu, CMS
6. Brody/Greenberg, Kenyon
7. Cocanougher/Kowal, Trinity (TX)
8. Goodwin/Jordan, Emory
9. Filonov/Saari, NC Wesleyan
10. King/Muliawan, CMU
11. Moshevich/Solomon, Whitman
12. Burtzlaff/Thomas, Salisbury
13. Boyd/Jadun, Kalamazoo
14. Hammond/Wong, Redlands
15. Feldman/McCook, Trinity (CT)