Thursday, April 1, 2010

Johns Hopkins at Kenyon Preview

Mike Greenberg and Will Vandenberg, Kenyon

This is just a very even match and one that I had circled on calendar at the beginning of the season. A chance for both teams to get a good win against a top 10 opponent. All season, I have been questioning Kenyon's depth and talking highly of Hopkins depth, but I think the Lords depth may just be what gives them a win. Kenyon is known for their large and rowdy crowds and this could play a big part in the outcome of doubles. Greenberg-Brody have been up and down at the #1 position and they take on the very steady team of Maldow-Wang. There is a ton of experience on this court but I think Kenyon should come away with a win at home. 2 of the best #2 doubles teams in the country will be squaring off and this is also a very tough call. #3 doubles is very even as well. I would expect Kenyon to come away with 2 of the 3 doubles at home. If Hopkins wants to win this match, #1 doubles may be a spot they need to win.

Greenberg should take care of business at #1 and #2 is a huge spot. Piskacek is in a bit of a slump and Wang has been having good results despite his recent loss to Kzoo. I'll come back to this. Elgort and Polster face off in a match between two of the most underrated #3's in the country. I'm going with Hopkins in this. At 4, Vandenberg takes on Hersh and you have to go with the senior over the freshman to give Kenyon their 4th point. Burgin and Barnaby should be a good contest at 5, but I'll take Kenyon to clinch the match. 6 could go either way. #2 is a spot Hopkins needs if they want to have a chance to win, but Kenyon can afford to lose it. I'm taking Kenyon with a very tight 6-3 victory. If Hopkins can somehow win and then go to Pittsburgh on Sunday and win again, they will move on to my list of legitimate Final 4 contenders. In the same breath, if Kenyon can come out and dominate Hopkins, I will also be impressed. I'm looking forward to a great match Saturday.