Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In Disbelief...

So I got an email a little bit ago with some interesting news. Bear with me here. Apparently this isn't common knowledge because it's been posted for only a few days and no one had brought it to my attention.

The 2010 NCAA breakdown was:

27 automatic qualifiers
9 Independents
6 from Pool C

On April 28th, the NCAA men's D3 championships handbook was updated. Someone forgot to include a conference in Pool A when the original handbook was posted. The St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference has an automatic bid to the tournament but was omitted in the handbook until a week ago because someone just forgot about them. This now means there are 28 teams coming from Pool A.

Possible solutions: Increase the field to 43. Take away a bid from Pool B. Take away a bid from Pool C.

The last option was selected. There will now only be 5 teams qualifying through Pool C.

Sorry, Bowdoin. You thought you were going to be in the tournament but someone just messed up and now you're not. Good season.

How does this happen? This is so bad it's unbelievable and this NCAA selection process is getting out of control. #14 in the country is now not making the tournament due to awful organization. I'm shocked and if I were Bowdoin I'd be outraged. This is ridiculous.