Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two More Things This Season

1. For each of my top 25 year-end teams, I'll do a season recap plus a look at next season. Coaches and players, if there are recruits that are NOT listed on, please e-mail me letting me know who you're getting. If I hear nothing, I will just use the recruits. Also, if you are getting any transfers, please let me know. Up to this point, I have not heard of any schools getting a transfer.

2. I'll be writing an article for on the advantages of going D3 over D1. If you wish to share any thoughts on the issue, please e-mail me. I'm going to discuss things such as 5-stars being standouts in D3 versus #7 or 8 on their top D1 team. The ability to compete for a national title versus being in the middle of your conference. And the fact that there's less pressure on non-scholarship players. Lastly, I will talk about the improving quality of D3. If you think I should highlight any other points or have any ideas, please email me.