Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wash U-Carnegie Mellon Preview

Most years, this is a no brainer and Wash U cleans up easily. This year, it's the complete opposite of that. I think it's the hardest quarterfinal to predict actually just because I believe 8 of the 9 matches can really go either way. Watts should get a point for his team, but other than that it's tough. Wash U was my preseason pick to win the whole thing, but after Indoors their results haven't been spectacular. I'd be a lot more inclined to pick Wash U in this if they didn't just lose 2 of 3 doubles to Kalamazoo, who's been getting crushed in doubles in the late part of the season. CMU lost 6 total games to Kalamazoo in doubles when they played this season. The Bears won a close one against Kenyon and lost to Emory in the UAA final. They just haven't been what I expected them to be this season and I'm questioning if they can win this match. CMU on the other hand, has put together a solid resume. Post-Indoors, their only losses are to CMS and Emory and they have wins against Trinity (TX), Kenyon, Hopkins and several others. They should go into this match with nothing to lose, because after all the pressure is on Wash U. The results of these two teams haven't been all that different this year and I just feel like an upset is coming. I question Wash U right now whereas CMU has been nothing but solid since February.

Both teams have been so streaky in doubles this year. All 3 of the doubles really can go either way so they are so difficult to pick. It depends who comes out more ready to play and more fired up. The advantage for Wash U is they've played on this stage, but at the same time the pressure is on them to win this. I'm going with CMU to take 2 of the 3 doubles and I doubt one of the teams will pull off a sweep so this will go down to the wire in singles. Watts should win and I think Wash U could have an edge at 4 as well. CMU probably has an edge at 3. The rest of the spots can really go either way. Both teams have some streaky players so a lot depends upon who's playing their best tennis. I'm taking CMU in an incredibly close match, but Wash U has the potential to come out and end it quickly. These two teams are very even so I expect a 5-3 or 5-4 no matter who wins.