Friday, February 27, 2009

#25 Pomona-Pitzer at Cal Lutheran Match Preview

1. Taylor/Singh vs. Wetterholm/Hunt
2. Friedman/Meyer vs. Lassila/Karsant
3. Bernard/Groth vs. Culpepper/Giuffrida

1. Tommy Meyer vs. Andrew Giuffrida
2. Cameron Taylor vs. Paul Wetterholm
3. Nick Tagliarino vs. Forrest Hunt
4. Uday Singh vs. Ryan Lassila
5. Alex Groth vs. John Karsant
6. Grant Friedman vs. Jordan Culpepper

A huge early season SCIAC match that has big time implications on the 20-30 range in the national rankings. We have two evenly matched teams all the way through the lineup. Predictions will be very difficult but I'll give it my best shot. Cal Lutheran is an overlooked team who took 2 of 3 doubles against CMS only three weeks ago. I have to give the edge in doubles to Cal Lutheran for that reason and I would expect them to win 2 of 3 on their homecourt with a sweep being possible. Pomona-Pitzer should quickly even things up in singles and I would expect them to win at the top 3 spots. After that things get interesting. The 4-5-6 matches will be very hard to predict. I would expect Pomona-Pitzer to win at least one of them resulting in a 5-4 victory for PP.