Friday, February 27, 2009

Salisbury at #20 Washington & Lee Match Preview

1. Burtzlaff/Thomas vs. Watson/McCardell
2. Barnas/Nottage vs. Gaffney/Meyers
3. Lupinetti/Robinson vs. Becht/Brooke

1. Scott Burtzlaff vs. Jamie McCardell
2. Evan Thomas vs. Jonathan Gaffney
3. David Lupinetti vs. Brett Meyers
4. Daniel Barnas vs. Jeremy Becht
5. Andrew Nottage vs. Ben Fass
6. Sasha Felikson vs. Michael Freeman

It's not until you take a closer look that you find out Salisbury actually has a pretty good chance here. They return 4 starters from last year's top 25 team to take on a W&L team who only returns 2 starters. Both of these teams have seen better days but they have to work with what they have this season. Both teams are known for good doubles and I would expect Washington & Lee to come out ahead 2-1. I like Salisbury's chances at 1 doubles. I think Salisbury has a good shot at both 1 and 2 singles and maybe 3 as well and they would definitely need all those spots if they want to win this match. You have to like Washington & Lee in the bottom half of the lineup at every spot. I would predict a 6-3 win for Washington & Lee on their home courts to solidify their spot in the top 25 for the time being.