Monday, February 16, 2009

Changes for 2009

I received a lot of feedback last season about how to improve the blog. I took these comments and evaluated them and I am planning on making the following changes... Questions or concerns...e-mail me at

1. As you can see the color scheme is different and the poll will be updated every few days.
2. Every Sunday I will post a schedule for the upcoming week. This will include matches that will be happening along with anything that will be posted each day. Everything that I say will be posted will be, but there could also be other material depending on results and whether I receive new material.
3. There were a few complaints that I updated rankings too often and things got confusing. Team rankings will now be published every Tuesday afternoon/night starting next week. I am giving up on national singles and doubles rankings. I'll publish regional singles (10) and doubles rankings (8) every Friday starting March 20.
4. I had several comments to include photos. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about this. This has to come from readers. Anyone who e-mails me photos from matches or spring break or whatever it may be, there's a very good chance I'll put them up.
5. Anyone who wants to send me an article about a match or their team, you can submit it anonymously or with a name attached. I will post it on the blog. Match recaps would be great.
6. I will occasionally seek out players or coaches for a pre or post match interview. I'm sure everyone will enjoy reading what you have to say. Anyone who wants to be interviewed, please e-mail me.
7. Many of my most loyal readers complained that the site got spammed with too many unnecessary comments, particularly towards the end of the season. They asked that I moderate the comments board more closely, so I'm going to do this. Any off-topic comments will be removed. I'm not trying to discourage you from humor, but too many people said that they couldn't take the comments boards seriously towards the end of the season. I'll allow a few jokes, but don't let it get out of hand.
8. I created a Google Calendar with important matches on it. I'll repost it constantly with updated scores after the completion of matches.

If I think of anything else I'll post it.