Thursday, February 19, 2009

National Indoors Preview: #3 CMS vs. #10 Gustavus

1. Schils/Wang vs. Burdakin/Kauss
2. Starr/Wu vs. Paukert/Tomasek
3. Erani/MacColl vs. Hansen/Stickney

1. Lawrence Wang vs. John Kauss
2. Michael Starr vs. Mike Burdakin
3. Robbie Erani vs. Charlie Paukert
4. Russell Brockett vs. Kevin Stickney
5. Victor Chien vs. Ben Tomasek
6. Ronald Wu vs. Patrick Clark

The question in this match is how big of a role with home court advantage play. Gustavus is the defending champion at this event and their support on campus is really incredible. CMS not only has to play against GAC, but also the crowd, particularly in doubles. I would give the edge to Gustavus in doubles. They should win 1 against the defending national champions and I would expect them to get either 2 or 3. Gustavus has a shot at 1 and 2 singles, but after that they are done. CMS just has more depth and should win in straight sets in 4 through 6. What can't happen for CMS is to get swept in doubles because then Gustavus has the potential to win at both 1 and 2 and take this match. If CMS can manage to get 1 of the doubles points, they should be favorite going into singles. I'm going to say 5-4 for CMS in this match.