Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recap of Monday-Wednesday and This Weekend

Not too much has been going on this week compared to the last few weeks. Williams continued its poor start against Emory, we had arguably the best match of the year played today and Gustavus is getting crushed in California. To begin, the Gusties don't look like a top 30 team and I really fear for the future of this program. Something that I thought of after Gustavus got destroyed by Pomona-Pitzer is what happens next February when Gustavus doesn't qualify for Indoors? Do they not host or do they take the spot of the team who would normally be the 8th seed? Anyone with any info on this, please e-mail me. Clearly, a real rebuilding year for GAC and they will really have to battle to win their conference. If Carleton somehow wins, things will get interesting for NCAAs because there are several Minnesota and Wisconsin teams who will qualify that normally just go to Gustavus.

Williams needs to go back to the drawing board in doubles. 10 games against Emory in three matches is unacceptable for a team as talented as Williams. The Ephs need to go back to Massachusetts and regroup or this season could get ugly quickly. A good performance by Emory. 4 of their 6 points coming from their two studs. Nothing in D3 for the Eagles until UAAs and you may as well flip a coin as to who will win between Emory and Wash U.

Off the top of my head I can't think of a better match this spring than Mary Washington vs. Christopher Newport today. The decider at #3 singles lasted just under four hours I think and Newport was able to pull an upset even after losing 2 of the doubles and with their #2 player out with mono. This is a new low for Mary Washington and I can't believe they've gone from beating Trinity (TX) to make the Elite 8 to losing to an unranked team. A bit of a shock for me, but somewhat like Gustavus, the future of Eagles tennis does not look good right now. They have to find a way to beat Salisbury or this season will be a huge failure for them. This was a big win for Newport, but the bad news is they will be drained when they play NCW tomorrow. They probably also lost Widing for the year if he has mono. A great effort by Newport but tomorrow is the one they really need.

A couple important matches this weekend, with Kenyon vs. Hopkins clearly being the biggest. I'll be doing a preview of that on Friday and I may have some thoughts on Trinity (CT) vs. Vassar as well. A four team round robin taking place in Tyler, Texas this weekend as well and the weekend ends with an Easter match between Hopkins and CMU which is a rematch of Indoors.