Saturday, May 10, 2008

Elite 8 Preview: CMS-Williams

Probable Starters:
1. Wang/Schils vs. Greenberg/Thacher
2. Hough/MacColl vs. Lebedoff/Simonette
3. Starr/Brockett vs. Weinberger/Devlin

1. Lawrence Wang vs. Dan Greenberg
2. Eric MacColl vs. Nick Lebedoff
3. Michael Starr vs. Gary Simonette
4. Drew Sabater vs. Jeremy Weinberger
5. Russell Brockett vs. Karol Furmaga
6. Ben Hough vs. Rick Devlin

Probably the most evenly matched quarterfinal. It is really tough to pick a winner in any of these matches. It's true that Williams did dominate CMS earlier in the year, but this is a new Stags team despite their injuries. They just have to hope that they aren't going in overconfident after their win against the defending national champions. CMS really can help themselves by grabbing the lead in doubles, because that's where Williams is most vulnerable. Both of the #1 teams have been hot recently, but I like CMS to take 1 doubles. Williams will most likely take 2 doubles and 3 doubles, you have to like CMS because both Starr and Brockett are playing well right now. Lawrence Wang should have enough firepower for Dan Greenberg at 1 singles, but I like Williams to strike back and even it up with wins at 3 and 4. Brockett is nearly undefeated on the season, so you have to like his chances at 5. This leaves CMS up 4-3 with 2 and 6 singles to go. My guess is that the Stags will be able to grab one of these matches to secure their birth in the Final 4. I'm calling CMS 5-3, with a lot of very close singles matches.