Thursday, May 1, 2008

Regional Preview: Mary Washington

Stevens should take care of Neumann in an opening round match and then Trinity(TX) will defeat Stevens easily. W&L will crush Messiah setting up a tough second round match with Mary Washington. W&L will definitely steal a few points, maybe 2 or 3, but I think the Eagles will be too tough on their homecourts. The 1-2 punch of James and Loden plus stronger doubles teams should give the win to the Eagles. This leaves us with a Mary Washington-Trinity(TX) regional final.

Probable Starters:
1. Gaines/Desantis vs. Loden/Murata
2. Furr/Tran vs. Goff/Parrish
3. Cocanougher/Kowal vs. James/Dunn

1. Oliver Gaines vs. John James
2. James Furr vs. Randy Loden
3. David Tran vs. Jason Dunn
4. Varun Munjal vs. Eddie Carver
5. Bobby Cocanougher vs. Evan Goff
6. Crisanto Ramirez vs. Zach Detweiler

A very intriguing match and a great home court advantage for the Eagles at the Battleground. Doubles is the key to this match. This is why Trinity(TX) has been so good all year. The Eagles can definitely pull this upset if they come out and play well. If Mary Washington can win 2 of the doubles matches, they should win this match. This is easier said than done. Cocanougher/Kowal have proved to be the best 3 doubles team in the country this year. Trinity(TX) also has the edge at 2 doubles. Furr/Tran have been very good. Mary Washington needs 1 doubles to stay in the match, I think they can win it with their home court advantage. Pretty much all of the singles match are 50/50, but I would give Trinity(TX) the edge at 6. This could give them a 3-1 lead. I would expect a 5-3 or maybe even 5-4 win for Trinity(TX), but remember that this match was really won in doubles. If UMW can take that 2-1 lead in doubles, they can win. I don't believe that Trinity(TX) will let that happen and that's why I think they will make it to Bates.