Thursday, May 1, 2008

Regional Preview: TCNJ

Probably the strongest region in the country with the exception of the West. 4 ranked teams. CNU will win it's first round match and then they will run into Williams. The boys from CNu will definitely put up a great battle and I would expect them to grab a doubles match if not two. However, Williams is just too deep in singles. CNU will fight and give them a hard time but I'd expect a 5-2 for Williams. Hopkins and TCNJ is another great rd of 32 match, but I think Hopkins will be too steady. TCNJ has been up and down all year and I think they are a little too deep for TCNJ. Maldow, Wang and Vasoontara should win this match for Hopkins at the top 3 singles spots. Vale and Roberti are also likely to win at 5 and 6. Hopkins vs. Williams in an all-academic battle in the regional final.

Probable Starters:
1. Greenberg/Thacher vs. Vasoontara/Blythe
2. Lebedoff/Simonette vs. Maldow/Wang
3. Furmaga/Devlin vs. Roberti/Naftilan

1. Dan Greenberg vs. David Maldow
2. Nick Lebedoff vs. Joe Vasoontara
3. Gary Simonette vs. Andrew Wang
4. Jeremy Weinberger vs. Casey Blythe
5. Karol Furmaga vs. Peter Vale
6. Rick Devlin vs. Rafael Roberti

This definitely will be a very tight match, but I believe that Williams is the slightly stronger team. The 1 doubles match is a toss up and the #3 match should go in favor of Hopkins. Williams should take #2 doubles. If Hopkins wants to win, they need the #1 doubles spot, but Greenberg and Thacher have been solid this season. I like Hopkins at 1 and 6 singles, and I like Williams to take 2 through 5. This match will definitely come down to the wire, but I have to give the edge to the Ephs because of 1st doubles as well as the fact that they are just a little bit deeper. I'm going to say that Williams will win this one 5-3 or 5-4 in a very hard fought match. If Hopkins can pull an upset somewhere, they could find themselves in Maine, but they need to play very well.