Thursday, May 8, 2008

Elite 8 Preview: Emory vs. Kenyon

Probable Starters:
1. Goodwin/Caplan vs. Greenberg/Polster
2. Boren/Ehlers vs. Becker/Brody
3. Lopp/Kaufman vs. Vandenberg/Parker

1. Michael Goodwin vs. Mike Greenberg
2. Mark Boren vs. Greg Sussman
3. David Caplan vs. Charlie Brody
4. Oliver Lopp vs. Jeremy Polster
5. Hardy Ehlers vs. Daniel Becker
6. Colin Egan vs. Will Vandenberg

In my predictions, I picked Emory 5-0 in this match. I retract that prediction. The key for Kenyon is can they bring the intensity needed to keep up with Emory? By the scores, it is pretty clear that they fed off their home court advantage this past weekend. They need to play the same way in doubles against Emory that they did at Regionals. Emory is a different story. To me, they weren't that impressive at Regionals beating Bowdoin 5-3. They need to find their form that they had at UAAs if they want to dominate this match. Now we know what both teams have to do, so let's think about what they will do. Doubles will be huge in this match for Kenyon. Not so much for the score, but for their belief that they can win this match. I like Emory at 3 doubles and I like Kenyon at 2 doubles. 1 doubles is a big toss up so let's leave that up in the air for now. I like Emory at 2 and I think they have a slight edge at 4 and 5. 1, 3 and 6 I have to go with the Lords. But you have to remember, that besides 2 singles, pretty much every match is close to 50/50. Very tough to call with two excellent teams. It depends on which #1 gets 2 points for their team. If Greenberg can do it for Kenyon, the Lords have a chance to win. In the end, I think Emory will take #1 doubles and have a little too much for Kenyon and this will propel them to a 5-2 or 5-3 victory. This brings me back to my point about #1 doubles. If Kenyon can take 2 of 3 doubles, they will be ready to go in Singles. The team who comes out on top in Doubles should end up winning the match.