Monday, May 5, 2008


A list of the seniors who lost this weekend. In my opinion, these are the players who were difference makers for their teams and really had outstanding careers. Some of these players may be going to individuals, but even they will tell you that there's nothing like team competition...

Jeffrey Fong, UC Santa Cruz
Eric Wagar, Redlands
Ransom Cook, Redlands
Robert Rye, Whitman
Mike Klimchak, TCNJ
Eric Ferriere, TCNJ
Roger Mosteller, TCNJ
Eddie Glidewell, CNU
John Mook, CNU
Joe Vasoontara, Hopkins
Rafael Roberti, Hopkins
Kortney Keith, DePauw
Scott Sauer, DePauw
Josh Williams, Wheaton(IL)
Miguel Yunes, Carthage
Will McDonald, UT-Tyler
Robbie Norton, Salve Regina
Garrett Gates, Bowdoin
Tim Hubbard, Kalamazoo
Matt Wise, Kalamazoo
Andrew Clearfield, Carnegie Mellon
Brett Ramsay, Trinity(CT)
Tom Dolan, Trinity(CT)
Nat Estes, W&L
Seth Feibelman, W&L
Stuart Sanford, W&L
Tim Ross, W&L
David Tran, Trinity(TX)
Ryan Desantis, Trinity(TX)
James Furr, Trinity(TX)
Oliver Gaines, Trinity(TX)

If I'm forgetting anyone, let me know. Congratulations Seniors.