Saturday, February 27, 2010

CNU @ Vassar Pre-Match Thoughts

I don't have a whole lot to say because we haven't seen much from either of these teams this season or last season. They have both added new players and are completely different squads from the past. I think the doubles could define this match because singles seems fairly even. The only thing that I'm fairly sure of is that Heyer will probably win the 3 spot for CNU and Ben Guzick will probably win the 2 spot for Vassar. The doubles should be very close and I'm going to give the edge to CNU at 1 as a team who's experienced and has played together before and I like Vassar to strike back at 2. 3 may as well be a coin flip. 1 is a match between two potential NCAA qualifiers and I'll go with Shulman at 1. I would expect Vassar to strike right back at #2 singles as well as #4 singles. 5 and 6 could go either way. Both of these teams are top 25 material and they are both sleepers this year. This will be a good early season test to see who gets the confidence going forward.