Friday, February 12, 2010

Wash U @ Chicago Pre-Match Thoughts

The biggest match of the season to date will be taking place when Chicago hosts Wash U on Sunday. While I don't expect an upset, we could be in for a competitive match. Both of these teams have taken the court this season so we know what to expect from them. As far as depth is concerned, I'm not all that concerned if I'm the lower ranked Maroons. I think where Chicago will fall short is the top and middle of the lineup. Wash U is just stronger in the top 4 spots as well as the top 2 doubles spots. I would expect Wash U to grab the top 2 doubles spots easily. #2 dubs has the potential to go Chicago's way but I doubt it will happen. Chicago must win 3 doubles to keep themselves in the match. Watts-Zhang is a potential NCAA Final matchup, but I have to go with Watts the way he's been playing. At #3 and #4, Putterman and Woods should be a little too much for their respective opponents. A spot I think Chicago could potentially win is #2. Stein is a good player for Wash U, but whether he can win at #2 is still unsure. Chicago also must win #5 and #6. They can definitely match Wash U's depth. A prediction from me will be 7-2 for Wash U. I would expect Chicago to win 3 dubs and 5 or 6 singles. The Bears just have too many big guns near the top of the lineup.