Wednesday, February 17, 2010

National Indoors Preview: #1 UC Santa Cruz vs #8 Carnegie Mellon

If you don't see a trend in these previews, I'm going from least competitive to most competitive and this one is where things start to get tough. Don't let the seedings fool you because Cruz is a completely different team than last year and CMU is a much improved team from last year. Starting with doubles, I have to give #1 to Cruz. Both teams had good Falls, but I think Pybas and Vartabedian will come through for their team. The King/Miller team of CMU has been very good and I would expect them to even up the score at 1-1. 3 doubles is a big swing match and could end up being very important, but I'll give it to Cruz because I think Hansen will have his guys ready to go. This match should come down to the wire though and I think we see at least an 8-6 if not closer. Top 2 singles spots I give to Cruz. They may be close but I think the Slugs will be on top at the end of both. 3 through 6 is where things really get interesting. CMU seems to have the superior depth. I think they will win 3, and they will probably win 4 and 5 as well. This would knot things up at 4-4 with 6 singles being the decider. I believe both teams will be playing freshman in the #6 spot if I'm not mistaken. I'm going with Cruz in a nail biter giving them the 5-4 win. A lot of people are picking an upset and I won't be surprised if it happens, but it's hard to ever pick against the Slugs no matter what their team looks like.