Wednesday, February 17, 2010

National Indoors Preview: #2 Emory vs #7 DePauw

This is unconfirmed, but I've heard that Lopp is not playing this weekend. They should be okay in this match but this could be big news for the semis and finals because he certainly is a huge loss in singles and even more so in doubles. That being said, let's take a look at some of these matches. I'm not sure what Emory is going to do with their doubles teams but I'm assuming they will be able to win at 1 if they have a Goodwin/Pottish combo. DePauw is strong at 1, but I think Emory will be a little too talented. I think DePauw will most likely win either 2 or 3 doubles, probably 3 that seems like a pretty strong team. I'll take Emory up 2-1 at worst heading into singles. Top 2 spots go to Emory for sure. This puts them up 4-1 with 3 through 6 left to play. I think Egan will most likely win at 3 for the Eagles as well. 4 and 5 I feel like DePauw can compete if Lopp isn't in there and I'd expect them to take 1 of those 2 spots. Emory is probably a little too deep and wins at #6 singles. I'll take Emory with a 7-2, but I think 5 of Emory's wins will be close. The top 2 singles should be blowouts. The Eagles advance to the Semis.