Sunday, March 16, 2008 Team Rankings March 16, 2008

1. Gustavus - The Gusties keep on rolling. They travel to California soon and we will see how good they are when they aren't playing in St. Peter
2. UC Santa Cruz - A convincing 9-0 win over Swarthmore. They play Middlebury in 10 days which will be a battle.
3. Washington U - Possibly the best team in the country. They have some big tests coming up when they travel to Texas
4. Kenyon - A huge jump for the Lords to the #4 spot. They did the impossible, beating CMS in Claremont. This is a very good team that is no longer under the radar
5. Emory - The Eagles have three tough matches in the next 10 days. They haven't done much to prove themselves yet but hold the #5 spot based upon reputation
6. Middlebury - So far they have 4 wins over lackluster opponents. We'll find out how good they are during their California trip when they have hard matches for 6 days in a row
7. CMS - A bad loss to Kenyon on their home courts. The Stags need to regroup and make some big changes if they want to turn their talent into a national championship
8. Trinity (TX) - Despite making the finals of StagHen, they struggled with TCNJ and a reeling Bowdoin team. They are good but don't belong in the top 5 yet
9. Williams - They have some very tough matches coming up. A lot of people think this is an overrated team but we will find out within the next 2 weeks
10. Mary Washington - A pretty good California trip with a win over a good Redlands team. They then came home and destroyed W&L
11. Redlands - Great wins over Carnegie Mellon and Whitman. They played very close with Mary Washington as well. This team is good, but not as good as UCSC and CMS
12. Carnegie Mellon - An incredibly talented team who looks to be on its way to the top 10. A good win over Bowdoin, and they almost beat Redlands without their 1 singles player
13. DePauw - An overrated team who just doesn't have the players to be in the top 10. They play Emory soon and we will see if they are overmatched
14. Johns Hopkins - This team could be in the top 10 by the end of the season but they have an easy schedule. They won't be tested for a while
15. Amherst- Haven't been tested yet, but they play Emory in a week and we will find out how good they are. A very deep team who could be a NESCAC darkhorse
16. Chicago - They gave Wash U a very hard time. Zhang looks to be a very good #1, and the Maroons can compete with the best of the best
17. TCNJ - An under-the-radar team who surprised everyone by beating Bowdoin and giving Trinity a very hard time. They could be moving into the top 15 if they keep it up
18. Bowdoin - Bad losses out in California. The Polar Bears to regroup and get some good NESCAC wins to get their confidence back
19. Christopher Newport - They look to be a fixture in the top 20. A good team that is underrated. They play Mary Washington in a month and this will test them
20. Whitman - A good team, but they lack the talent and depth to get into the top 15. We saw this on display against Kenyon and Redlands where they were clearly overmatched
21. Kalamazoo - Still chugging along and a dangerous team at home. They could pull an upset on the right day but they are inconsistent
22. Washington & Lee - Still struggling as a whole, just losing to Mary Washington. They will have a shot at Carnegie this weekend, but they really need to step it up to compete
23. UT-Tyler - New to the top 25, this team showed that they can play at StagHen. They are a very tough team who most top 15 teams won't want to see
24. Coe - A solid team in the Central region. They don't play a tough schedule which could hurt them when they face a top 15 team
25. Sewanee - An inconsistent team with a good amount of talent. They aren't all that strong, but could give good team a hard time on the right day

Top 50 singles and Top 25 doubles rankings are coming soon...