Thursday, March 6, 2008

Match Preview: #9 Mary Washington vs. #14 Redlands (March 8)

Mary Washington looks to bounce back after its loss to CMS against another top 15 team. Redlands is very strong in doubles and will provide an excellent test for the Eagles. I expect doubles to go in favor of Redlands, as this is usually their strong suit. The 2 doubles team of Mary Wash has been struggling as of late, so look for Redlands to capitalize. I would give Redlands 2 of 3 doubles points. Singles is a different story. Mary Washington is just a little too deep. They should not only dominate at the top with their 1-2 punch of James/Loden, but they should also win at least 2 of the matches at 3 through 6. Redlands will have a very hard time winning 3 singles matches in my opinion. I would give 3 and 4 to Redlands, but the rest of the matches look to be in favor of UMW. It should be an exciting contest on Saturday and a very important one for UMW to get back on track. Redlands will be hosting 3 top 25 teams in the upcoming week, so this could give them momentum.

Probable Starters:
1. #15 Loden/Murata (UMW) vs. #18 Wagar/Cook (UR)
2. #20 Goff/Parrish (UMW) vs. Reading/Hasenyager (UR)
3. James/Detweiler (UMW) vs. Hammond/Wong (UR)

1. #9 John James (UMW) vs. #48 Matt Liebman (UR)
2. #13 Randy Loden (UMW) vs. #36 Eric Wagar (UR)
3. Evan Goff (UMW) vs. Aron Ouye (UR)
4. Eddie Carver (UMW) vs. Mike Reading (UR)
5. Jason Dunn (UMW) vs. Ransom Cook (UR)
6. Bryce Parrish (UMW) vs. Chris Trippel (UR)