Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Match Preview: #9 Williams vs #11 Redlands (March 21)

Williams will face their first real Division 3 test when they play a confident Redlands team. The Redlands homecourt is a big advantage for the Bulldogs and could swing the match in their favor if Williams does not come ready to play. Redlands doubles has been inconsistent so far, and Williams' main focus is their doubles, so I would expect the Ephs to take 2 of the 3 doubles points. I believe that Williams has the advantage at #1 and #3 singles. This would allow them to only have to win one match between 2,5 and 6 singles to earn the 5 points. While Redlands always battles very hard, I believe that Williams will have too much with the combination of Greenberg at the top and their outstanding depth in both singles and doubles. I would expect a great battle from Redlands, but a 6-3 win for Williams.

Probable Starters:
1. Greenberg/Thacher (W) vs. Wagar/Cook (R)
2. #23 Lebedoff/Simonette (W) vs. Reading/Hasenyager (R)
3. Furmaga/Devlin (W) vs. Hammond/Wong (R)

1. #6 Dan Greenberg (W) vs. #29 Matt Liebman (R)
2. Nick Lebedoff (W) vs. #42 Eric Wagar (R)
3. Gary Simonette (W) vs. Aron Ouye (R)
4. Karol Furmaga (W) vs. Mike Reading (R)
5. Ricky Devlin (W) vs. Ransom Cook (R)
6. Jeremy Weinberger (W) vs. Chris Trippel (R)