Thursday, March 27, 2008

Match Preview: #4 CMS vs. #8 Trinity (TX) (March 28)

This is the first time during the season that the Stags must leave Claremont for a competitive match. Trinity is coming off a big win against 10th ranked Williams, and they look to upset a hot CMS team who just beat Gustavus. I feel like Trinity matches up fairly well against the Stags, despite their inferior talent. Trinity is the favorite to win at both 2 and 3 doubles and they definitely can compete in the bottom of the singles lineup. Wang has been streaky for the Stags and Lim hasn't won much lately, even after being demoted to #2. If Trinity can capture 1 or 2 singles, they could be in good shape. I like CMS at 3 and 4 singles so I think the match could come down to 5 and 6, where I feel like the matchups are fairly even. I will give the edge to CMS despite the homecourt for Trinity. I would expect a 6-3 victory for the Stags.

Probable Starters:
1. #8 Wang/Schils (CMS) vs. #13 Gaines/Desantis (T)
2. Hough/MacColl (CMS) vs. #16 Furr/Tran (T)
3. Lim/Wu (CMS) vs. #10 Cocanougher/Kowal (T)

1. #21 Lawrence Wang (CMS) vs. #16 Oliver Gaines (T)
2. #10 Mikey Lim (CMS) vs. #38 James Furr (T)
3. #36 Eric MaColl (CMS) vs. David Tran (T)
4. #30 Michael Starr (CMS) vs. Varun Munjal (T)
5. Ronald Wu (CMS) vs. Bobby Cocanougher (T)
6. Drew Sabater (CMS vs. Crisanto Ramirez (T)