Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Match Preview: #20 Denison vs. #23 Washington & Lee

An early-season match up of two teams who normally are at the top of D3. Both teams are struggling so far this season, particularly Washington & Lee, who has had several lackluster performances. Both of these teams have the players to be top 15 teams, so maybe they just need some belief in themselves to finally get going. Doubles is a strong suit of both teams. W&L's 3 doubles team has looked superb, including a win over CMS. I would expect WL to win 3, but I like Denison to take 1 and 2. Denison should win 4 and 6, and I like WL at 3 and 5. The match will be decided at the top 2 spots. I like WL and at 2 singles, and I think this should go 5-4 either way, depending on #1 singles. This match could help the winning team to break into the top 20 and eventually top 15 in the country. Should be a very tight match.

Probable Starters:
1. Lofgren/Newman (D) vs. Ross/Estes (WL)
2. Davis/Buehler (D) vs. McCardell/Hopson (WL)
3. Hodgkiss-Lilly/Verbofsky (D) vs. Sanford/Brooke (WL)

1. Jordan Buehler (D) vs. #44 Tim Ross (WL)
2. James Davis (D) vs. Nat Estes (WL)
3. Randy Lofgren (D) vs. Seth Feibelman (WL)
4. Kevin Newman (D) vs. Jamie McCardell (WL)
5. Tom Hodgkiss-Lilly (D) vs. Morgan Hopson (WL)
6. Evan Verbofsky (D) vs. Nelson Bunn (WL)

Stag-Hen preview coming tomorrow along with a couple others.