Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Match Preview: #5 Emory vs. #15 Amherst (March 21)

A very intriguing matchup as Amherst has started the spring very well defeating Sewanee 9-0, and Emory has shown a little vulnerability, particularly in doubles. This match is a great test for both teams. It is conceivable that Amherst is a top 10 team, and this match will tell us a lot about their team this season. It is also conceivable that Emory does not belong as high as #5, and this will be great test for the Eagles. I would expect Emory to come out firing with the home court, but look for the Jeffs to give Emory a very tough time at 2 and 3 doubles. In singles, almost every match could go either way. These teams are very evenly matched in singles in my opinion, but I think the doubles could swing the match in Emory's favor. I would expect a nail-biter maybe coming down to the last match, but I would think Emory should come out ahead.

Probable Starters:
1. #4 Goodwin/Lopp (E) vs. #25 Lerner/Doerfler (A)
2. Ehlers/Caplan (E) vs. Wan/Schwartz (A)
3. Boren/Jordan (E) vs. Mintz/Avrahmi (A)

1. #19 Michael Goodwin (E) vs. #8 Zack Lerner (A)
2. #12 Mark Boren (E) vs. Mike Mintz (A)
3. Hardy Ehlers (E) vs. Sean Doerfler (A)
4. #50 Oliver Lopp (E) vs. Jeff Wan (A)
5. David Caplan (E) vs. Moritz Koenig (A)
6. Chris Jordan (E) vs. Daniel Kim (A)