Sunday, March 9, 2008

Match Preview: #10 Bowdoin vs. #15 Carnegie Mellon

Both of these teams are known for switching their lineups constantly so it is nearly impossible to figure out who is going to play who, but getting past all that I will look at analysis for the match. Carnegie's doubles is traditionally weak, and while Bowdoin's is not outstanding, it should be good enough to take 2 if not all 3 of the doubles points. I would predict that Bowdoin will lead 2-1 after doubles. Carnegie's best chance is probably at the 3 spot. Both of these teams are defined by depth. The singles matches are toss-ups throughout the lineup. I definitely see a 3-3 singles split. Bowdoin is probably a little stronger at the top, and CMU is a little stronger at the bottom, so I would expect the 3 and 4 positions to decide the match. Bowdoin hasn't played a match this season, so it's hard to say how they will respond to this test. The winner of this match could secure themselves a top 12 spot in the rankings.

Probable Starters:
1. #19 Gates/Sullivan (BC) vs. Muliawan/Mactaggart (C)
2. D'Elia/Neely (BC) vs. Clearfield/Raghavan (C)
3. Anderson/Fried (BC) vs. Nemerov/Spero (C)

1. # 25 Garrett Gates (BC) vs. #31 Alex Nemerov (C)
2. Eric D'Elia (BC) vs. #46 James Muliawan (C)
3. Stephen Sullivan (BC) vs. Andrew Clearfield (C)
4. Jamie Neely (BC) vs. Jon Spero (C)
5. Alex Caughron (BC) vs. Bobby MacTaggart (C)
6. Tyler Anderson (BC) vs. Ravi Raghavan (C)

Upcoming: Recent Scores coming shortly. StagHen preview coming in a few days and I am undecided as to when I will publish new rankings. I am tempted to wait for the invitational to finish and publish new team, singles and doubles rankings next week at this time.