Friday, March 19, 2010

Kenyon @ Emory Post-Match Thoughts

The scoreboard says 6-3 but I would argue that the match was much closer than that. Taking a look at doubles to begin, Emory took #3 in a very close match as expected. You have to expect the Eagles to take evenly matched spots at home. The surprises were the first two doubles lines. The Goodwin/Pottish team is not living up to expectations and Kenyon took advantage of this with a new #1 doubles combo giving them an early lead. Kenyon held match points at 2nd doubles but wasn't able to close it out. I'm impressed with Emory's strength at the #2 doubles spot so far this season. Good singles wins for Kenyon at #3 and #4 singles. These are spots that both teams really need in their respective runs toward a national title. Piskacek is not living up to expectations in singles this year and he was beaten by the best #2 player in the country. Greenberg held match points at the #1 position and this would have made the score 4-3 in favor of Kenyon heading to the last two matches. Pottish held his title as top singles player in the country and managed to get the win for his team. Emory is always tough down low in the lineup so you have to figure they would get at least 1 of the 2 remaining spots. I think this is a somewhat positive result for both teams. Emory is obviously very tough but I don't know if they look like a FInal 4 team right now. Kenyon seems to be improving and was right on the doorstep of winning against the current top 3 in the country.