Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wash U vs. Kenyon Pre-Match Thoughts

At first glance I want to say the Bears will win this one easily but it's hard to know about a neutral site at 8am. Anything can happen. Looking at the doubles, I think Wash U has a clear advantage at 1. 2 and 3 are both questionable. I think if Kenyon wants to have any chance they need both of these spots. Kenyon needs to take a lead into singles play. 2 years ago, a Watts-Greenberg match at 1 would be much anticipated but I definitely think Watts should win easily. I like Piskacek over Stein at #2. Putterman and Woods should be able to win at 3 and 4 for Wash U. 2 is a match between freshmen and it's a tough call but I like Burgin after his performance at Indoors. 6 is a huge spot but I'm going to take Levy. Like I said a lot depends on doubles, but I'm going to take Wash U in a 6-3 win. This should show Kenyon they need to improve and Wash U should definitely benefit from a win.