Sunday, April 27, 2008

At-Large Situation

I am going to publish this list as my opinion of the At-large teams that should be in the tournament...

1. Trinity(TX)
2. Washington U
3. Williams
4. Middlebury
5. Redlands
6. Trinity(CT)
7. Carnegie Mellon

8. Amherst
9. Salisbury
10. Chicago

I think Carnegie earns the last spot by this reasoning...

Both Amherst and Carnegie lost to Emory. They both beat DePauw. They both lost to regional rivals. Carnegie lost to Hopkins,W&L, MW. Amherst lost to Williams, Midd twice and Trinity(CT). They both have a top 10 win. The Kenyon win for CMU and the Williams win for Amherst are equal. The win that pushes Carnegie over the edge is the win against Bowdoin. Carnegie beat Bowdoin, the NESCAC champ, 5-4 and Bowdoin beat Amherst 5-0. Carnegie gets the spot.

Bracketology on the way later.