Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Regional Preview: Kenyon

Ohio Northern should take Transylvania and then will go down to Kenyon 5-0. I would think Kalamazoo will beat Wilkes 5-0 and then CMU will beat them 5-2 or 5-3. This sets up a regional final and the 3rd match this season between Kenyon and Carnegie Mellon.

Probable Starters:
1. Greenberg/Polster vs. Raghavan/Mactaggart
2. Becker/Brody vs. Muliawan/Clearfield
3. Alef/Vandenberg vs. Nemerov/Spero

1. Mike Greenberg vs. Andrew Clearfield
2. Greg Sussman vs. James Muliawan
3. Jeremy Polster vs. Alex Nemerov
4. Charlie Brody vs. Jon Spero
5. Will Vandenberg vs. Ravi Raghavan
6. Rob Alef vs. Bobby Mactaggart

This is really going to be a tight match. That's all there is to it. I'm thinking that we will have singles split. I like Kenyon to win at 1, 4 and 5. I like Carnegie to win at 2, 3 and 6. The Raghavn/Mactaggart team beat Greenberg/Polster last time, but I doubt it will happen again given their results after that match. I don't think Carnegie has shown that they have a team who can beat Greenberg/Polster consistently. That being said, Carnegie should win at 3 doubles, leaving 2 doubles as the key match. The reason I'm picking Kenyon is because Becker and Brody have been nearly perfect at 2 doubles. I don't see this streak ending in this match. I think Kenyon will take the 2-1 edge in doubles and go on to win the match 5-3 or 5-4. This will be a very close one.