Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NCAA Bracket Contest

This will happen by popular demand. It shouldn't a be a lot of work so I will run it.

You have two options by MIDNIGHT FRIDAY
1. E-mail me your picks (
2. Post your picks on this board if you don't care about people seeing them

Here's what I need:
We'll start at the Sweet 16 down to the winner. So give me all of your Sweet 16 teams and picks for the rest of the tournament.

1 point for every correct Sweet 16 team
2 points for every correct Elite 8 team
4 points for every correct Final Four team
6 points for every correct finalist
10 points for correct champion
I'm ignoring the 3rd-4th match, too tough to bring it into play.

For a tiebreaker: Include the scores of all matches FROM THE ELITE EIGHT THROUGH THE END. Don't need to include scores for the Sweet 16 matches. I'll count these appropriately.

This isn't just for frequent posters. If players and coaches from participating teams want to enter, just e-mail me your picks and I'll keep everything anonymous unless you win. I hope we get a lot of entries.

Winner gets bragging rights I guess unless someone has a better idea?

I'll post my picks now so everyone knows what they should look like.