Monday, April 28, 2008

Bracket Analysis

I don't usually like to be critical, but there are some glaring errors in this bracket. I have a good amount of questions that I would like to have answered if anyone knows.

1. Whitman to the West and Tyler to Gustavus? Whitman is higher ranked than Tyler and they beat them; so shouldn't they be rewarded with an easier region? Both teams would fly to either place. Why did Whitman get screwed with a harder region when they are higher ranked and easily could have gone to Gustavus with Tyler going out West where they should be.

2. The TCNJ region has 4 ranked teams. This shouldn't be the case when 4 other regions only have 2 ranked teams. Where is the balance? This is terrible for Newport, who deserves a much nicer region. I don't like this at all.

3. Mary Washington is the highest ranked non number one seed (not the West). Why don't they play Kenyon who is the lowest ranked one seed? They are able to go there. Once again where is the balance? Give Trinity(TX) to Carnegie because they are ranked lower. The Eagles get absolutely screwed here. W&L, who was 13th in last poll, in the 1st round? If it wasn't for Tran absent, Trinity(TX) would still be the 1 team in the country. This was very poorly done and this region is so difficult. Kenyon and Carnegie should love this. Carnegie gets the lowest #1 seed and Kenyon avoids the highest non number 1 seed. Great for both of these teams, terrible for Mary Washington.

4. How are Wheaton, Vassar and Skidmore 3 seeds when you have Christopher Newport as a 4 seed? Newport has been ranked all season and Wheaton just lost to Carthage who barely made the tournament. Once again where is the balance in regions? No offense to DePauw, but WashU has a cakewalk to Maine.

5. Why does Williams have to travel when they can host in the Northeast? This doesn't seem fair. Bowdoin can easily be grouped in a region with Midd or Williams and Emory should be the team going to TCNJ. 2 number 1 seeds are traveling long distances for no reason when they can easily be switched and you can have one number 1 seed traveling a long distance and Williams staying at home.

I have not complained all season and I don't like to be arrogant, but I prefer the bracket in Bracketology Issue #5. It is perfectly balanced whereas this bracket has strong imbalance. I think this is poorly done. Please add opinions. Nevertheless, I'll set up a schedule to have a tournament predictions and preview.