Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Regional Preview: Washington Univ.

Grinnel should take care of business in the first round and then be taken care of by WashU 5-0. DePauw should beat Wheaton 5-0 as well. Williams has a shot at Keith but I doubt it. We then have a WashU-DePauw regional final.

Probable Starters:
1. Cutler/Hoeland vs. Keith/Swanson
2. Watt/Bowman vs. Heck/Sandager
3. Stein/Woods vs. Schouweiler/Nash

1. John Watts vs. Kortney Keith
2. Charlie Cutler vs. Scott Swanson
3. Danny Levy vs. Brian Heck
4. Max Woods vs. Scott Sandager
5. Chris Hoeland vs. Scott Sauer
6. Isaac Stein vs. Evan Hunter

DePauw has a good chance to take a 2-1 lead in doubles. I wouldn't be surprised if DePauw grabbed 2 and 3 doubles to take the early lead. After that I think it is downhill for them. WashU is just stronger at 5 out of 6 singles spots. DePauw's best chance for a win is at #3 with Heck over Levy. Hoeland should take Sauer with his attacking style and Cutler is steadier than Swanson. Woods easily beat Sandager at Indoors and it will take an incredible effort by Keith to beat Watts. I would expect a 5-2 win for WashU sending them to Bates.