Thursday, March 12, 2009

#1 Emory at #3 CMS Match Preview

1. Goodwin/Goodwin vs. Schils/Wang
2. Boren/Caplan vs. Erani/Wu
3. Kaufman/Lopp vs. Keiffer/MacColl

1. Michael Goodwin vs. Lawrence Wang
2. Chris Goodwin vs. Robbie Erani
3. Mark Boren vs. Mikey Lim
4. Colin Egan vs. Russell Brockett
5. Oliver Lopp vs. Eric MacColl
6. Chris Redmond vs. Ronald Wu

If Emory is going to lose a regular season match this year, this will be it. CMS has been on fire at home during their last three matches and you can be sure they will be gunning for Emory. They had a great doubles performance last time winning 2 of 3 and I would expect them to do it again with their home crowd behind them. The Goodwins should win at 1 to keep Emory in the match. This would put CMS in a position to win, but the problem is Emory is just too strong everywhere. CMS should take 6 and possibly 5 but I don't see them winning singles anywhere else. The match at #2 should be a good match between arguably the two best freshmen in the country. Emory should win 1 through 5 singles to win the match. I would predict another 6-3 win for Emory showing again that they can win under any circumstances.