Sunday, March 22, 2009

Schedule for the Week 3/23 - 3/29 and Weekly Preview

Monday: 3 big matches, Middlebury at Redlands Preview
Tuesday: 4 big matches, Gustavus at Santa Cruz Preview
Wednesday: Team Rankings (I'm pushing them back a day so I can factor in Tuesday results), 3 matches, Middlebury at CMS Preview
Thursday: 5 matches, Williams at Redlands Preview
Friday: Regional Individual Rankings, 4 matches, Williams at CMS Preview
Saturday: 2 matches
Sunday: Bracketology Issue #1, 2 matches

The most important week of the Spring to date. We get our first real look at Middlebury, Williams and Gustavus. This week features 8 matches between current top 10 teams as well a host of other contests that will have huge implications on rankings and NCAA standings. Middlebury and Williams both have brutal weeks and we will see how they adjust to the California weather conditions. Any updates that can be provided during the matches on the blog would be greatly appreciated by everyone I'm sure. I'll try to be on a lot this week constantly giving updates on all the results as soon as they are available. Definitely an exciting week with very important matches running through next Sunday. I'm also really looking forward to publishing the first issue of Bracketology in a week. Check back daily for coverage of all the matches.