Wednesday, March 25, 2009

#6 Middlebury at #3 CMS Match Preview

1. Farah/Thomson vs. Schils/Wang
2. Lee/Olson vs. Erani/Wu
3. Bonfiglio/Peters vs. Keiffer/MacColl

1. Conrad Olson vs. Lawrence Wang
2. Andrew Thomson vs. Robbie Erani
3. Andrew Lee vs. Mikey Lim
4. Andrew Peters vs. Russell Brockett
5. Peter Odell vs. Victor Chien
6. Derrick Angle vs. Ronald Wu

A match between two Division 3 Powerhouses, but given the conditions and location of the match, the edge immediately has to be thrown to CMS before the match begins. Midd has been traditionally during Spring Break in doubles and given CMS' outstanding doubles play recently, you have to like the Stags to win at least 2 if not all 3 doubles points. The singles will be a real battle top to bottom. Just looking at the matchups, I like Middlebury at 1 and CMS at 2. Middlebury should also take care of business at #3, but I like CMS at the bottom three spots. I think they are very talented at the 4 through 6 positions and very tough to beat. I'll take CMS 6-3 in this one. I just don't see an upsetting happening this time for Middlebury.