Thursday, March 19, 2009

#9 Kenyon at #1 Emory Match Preview

1. Greenberg/Vandenberg vs. Goodwin/Goodwin
2. Becker/Brody vs. Boren/Caplan
3. Piskacek/Polster vs. Kaufman/Lopp

1. Mike Greenberg vs. Michael Goodwin
2. Tomas Piskacek vs. Chris Goodwin
3. Charlie Brody vs. Mark Boren
4. Jeremy Polster vs. Colin Egan
5. Will Vandenberg vs. Oliver Lopp
6. Daniel Becker vs. Chris Redmond

This match is as simple as how well Kenyon plays. If they find their form that they had in the first round of Indoors, than we can expect a close match. If they play like they did during their two California matches, than this could turn into a very quick 8-1 or 9-0. I'd be surprised if Kenyon comes out with the doubles teams I have above because they've been swept twice in a row. They need to focus on the bottom of the lineup in doubles because no combo they have can take the Goodwins. Kenyon needs to manage one doubles point. I would expect a win from Greenberg and I would also expect Chris Goodwin to win at #2. Kenyon's bottom of the lineup needs to step up for them. Egan and Lopp have been great this season. I think Kenyon has a chance at #6, but after that I like Emory to take the other 3. I'm taking Emory with a pretty routine 6-3 or 7-2 victory.