Monday, March 30, 2009

Bracketology Issue #1 March 30, 2009

1. Emory (A), W&L* (A), North Carolina Wesleyan (A), DeSales (A), Elizabethtown (A)
2. Wash U (C), UT-Tyler (A), Kzoo* (A), Grinnell (A), Westminster (A)
3. CMS* (A), Santa Cruz (B), Redlands (C), Whitman (A), Chapman (B)
4. Middlebury (A), Mary Washington (A), Skidmore* (B), Ithaca (A), Hunter (A)
5. Amherst (C), Carnegie Mellon (C), TCNJ* (B), MIT (B), Mt St. Marys (A),
6. Kenyon* (A), Johns Hopkins (A), Mt Union (A), Transylvania (A), Neumann (A)
7. Williams* (C), Bowdoin (C), Vassar (B), Southern Maine (A), Nichols (A)
8. Gustavus* (A), Trinity (TX) (A), Luther (A), Whitewater (B), Carthage (B), MSOE (A)

Here's what I've come up with so far. An asterisk denotes host team and the letter denotes which Pool they come from. Obviously needs a lot of work and I'm very open to suggestions. If you find anything wrong let me know, didn't check it over that carefully.

Another note: The difference between my bracket and the NCAA committee is that my main concern is getting even Sweet 16 matchups and regions whereas they have other criteria for placing teams.

D3Bracketology sent me the map from last year. I'm going to fix it for the new teams and post it next issue.