Thursday, March 5, 2009

#6 Kenyon at #3 CMS Match Preview

1. Greenberg/Vandenberg vs. Schils/Wang
2. Becker/Brody vs. MacColl/Wu
3. Piskacek/Polster vs. Erani/Lim

1. Mike Greenberg vs. Lawrence Wang
2. Tomas Piskacek vs. Robbie Erani
3. Jeremy Polster vs. Russell Brockett
4. Charlie Brody vs. Mikey Lim
5. Will Vandenberg vs. Ronald Wu
6. Daniel Becker vs. Victor Chien

The most anticipated match of the weekend is a rematch of the 3rd-4th match at the National Indoors. This match will take place in a very different setting however and I think it is going to be hard not to pick CMS in this one, but Kenyon is definitely set up to pull off the upset. I think Kenyon has the edge in doubles and I would give them a 2-1 lead after doubles. Greenberg and Piskacek should both win for Kenyon giving them a 4-1 cushion. Erani has the potential to defeat Piskacek but I wouldn't expect it. In the bottom four spots I would expect a singles split resulting in a 6-3 win for Kenyon. CMS may be drained from playing Mary Wash the day before. They also have to play UT-Tyler later that afternoon so put a star by that one because it's a potential upset. Playing three ranked teams in 36 hours is no easy task.