Wednesday, March 4, 2009

#12 Mary Washington at #3 CMS Match Preview

1. Loden/Murata vs. Schils/Wang
2. Dunn/James vs. MacColl/Wu
3. Goff/Parrish vs. Erani/Lim

1. John James vs. Lawrence Wang
2. Randy Loden vs. Robbie Erani
3. Jason Dunn vs. Russell Brockett
4. Riley Baver vs. Mikey Lim
5. Andrew Frisk vs. Ronald Wu
6. Bryce Parrish vs. Victor Chien

I don't think Mary Washington's performance at Indoors is a fair representation of the strength of their team. Their doubles is weak compared to other top teams and I expect CMS to capitalize on this and take 2 of 3 doubles match almost for sure. A sweep is certainly not too difficult as well. The singles matches are pretty even all the way through. I think CMS will come out on top in the end, but 4 Mary Wash wins in singles to pull the upset is not out of the question. I think 1 and 2 will be split, but I like CMS at both 3 and 4. I would also expect a split between 5 and 6 singles. I think the Mary Wash guys know they have to step up and prove something, but this CMS team is a little too strong and I'm predicting a 6-3 win for them on Friday.