Wednesday, March 11, 2009

#14 Carnegie Mellon at #12 Redlands Match Preview

1. Nemerov/Raghavan vs. Reading/Spearman
2. Liu/Spero vs. Hammond/Wong
3. Ljuboja/Mactaggart vs. Fashouer/Trippel

1. James Muliawan vs Mike Reading
2. Alex Nemerov vs. Cameron Spearman
3. Bobby Mactaggart vs. Matt Liebman
4. Jon Spero vs. Aron Ouye
5. Yiran Liu vs. Chris Trippel
6. Jeremy King vs. Keven Wong

Typically Carnegie Mellon has been weak in doubles, however given the results of the last few days, you have to like CMU to come out on top in doubles. Redlands just lost 2 of 3 doubles to a struggling Mary Washington team and CMU won 2 of 3 against Tyler who had swept Bowdoin the day before. The singles are pretty evenly matched, so I think doubles will play a big role in the final outcome of the match. I like CMU at 1, 4, and 6 to take the match, but every singles match is pretty unpredictable. Redlands has been up and down this season, and both of these teams have the potential to blow out the other one on the right day. This could be a big match for NCAA implications, but I'm taking CMU with a 5-4 win.