Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rankings 10-17 Discussion

Didn't put a lot of thought into this but here's what I have right now for the 10-17 range...

Mary Wash
Trinity (CT)

The interesting thing is there is no correct answer to this. You can make an argument for so many different orders. I can do my best to defend my order but obviously there are flaws. I'm pretty unsure and I'm posting this to get some feedback before actual rankings on Tuesday.

Hopkins and Trinity(CT) haven't played anyone yet. You could say it's unfair to penalize them but I don't know who they should be ahead of. We will get a look at Trinity (CT) on Tues and Hopkins next Sunday.

Mary Wash has played but not beaten anyone. They shouldn't be ahead of teams who have actually beaten someone.

Trinity(TX) has only played Indoors and they don't have another tough match until Tyler on April 4th. Should they be protected because of one win against Mary Wash? They play a weak schedule.

After that things get really tricky and like I said there is really no right order.