Thursday, March 26, 2009

#4 Williams at #10 Redlands Match Preview

1. Chaplin/Thacher vs. Reading/Spearman
2. Lebedoff/Petrie vs. Hammond/Wong
3. Shallcross/Weinberger vs. Fashouer/Trippel

1. Nick Lebedoff vs. Cameron Spearman
2. Jeremy Weinberger vs. Mike Reading
3. Rick Devlin vs. Matt Liebman
4. Will Petrie vs. Chris Trippel
5. Kevin Shallcross vs. Aron Ouye
6. Karol Furmaga vs. Jeff Hammond

I'm going to call an upset in this match. I don't think Williams is as good as Midd or Amherst this year and it's up to them to prove me wrong by beating Redlands comfortably. Both of these teams pride themselves on singles and doubles depth. I like Redlands to come out on top in doubles with wins at 1 and 2 and I would expect Williams to answer at 3 dubs keeping themselves in the match. Spearman should take care of Lebedoff and despite 2 losses for Weinberger, I would expect him to be able to win at 2. Devlin could provide Williams last point in this match. Hammond has been nearly untouchable at 6 this year and Trippel and Ouye are tough competitors. I think Redlands should be able to take 2 of the matches between 4 and 6 to give themselves an upset victory. Definitely a real test for Williams and we will see what they are made of this season.