Monday, March 23, 2009

#4 Middlebury at #10 Redlands Match Preview

1. Farah/Thompson vs. Reading/Spearman
2. Bonfiglio/Mason vs. Hammond/Wong
3. Lee/Olson vs. Fashouer/Trippel

1. Conrad Olson vs. Cameron Spearman
2. Andrew Thomson vs. Mike Reading
3. Andrew Lee vs. Matt Liebman
4. Andrew Peters vs. Aron Ouye
5. Peter Odell vs. Chris Trippel
6. Derrick Angle vs. Jeff Hammond

I expect another very tough match for Middlebury tomorrow. Last year Redlands swept doubles and Midd swept singles. I'd be very surprised to see that again. I like Midd at 1 and 3 doubles and Redlands should take 2 doubles pretty comfortably. Midd has too much game near the top of the lineup in singles, but I have to give the edge to Redlands near the bottom. The Bulldogs always fight hard and I'd be very surprised to see them go down easily. I think Midd will most likely come out on top in the end, but an upset is not impossible. I like a 5-4 for Middlebury, but their 1 through 3 singles have to step up to make this happen because they are overmatched near the bottom of the lineup. Expect a battle tomorrow.